About Us


 Troop 1513, “The Old Breed” emphasizes service to God and service to others, the founding principles of scouting. Leadership and teamwork are stressed as a means to effectively support the core principles. Advancement is encouraged, but not forced or given. As each young man sets goals and develops; the troop supports, guides, and encourages. The goal is not to create Eagle Scouts. The goal is create good men who are leaders in their homes, communities, churches, and nation. We camp in the primitive style as much as possible, increasing the individual responsibility to pack, prepare, plan, and execute. Car camping and patrol cooking are also utilized as fun training methods. Troop 1513 is a skills-intensive troop. Drilling and proficiency tests are standard, and it pays to be good. Winning is encouraged. Troop 1513 is a high-energy, small, close-knit troop. We embrace challenges and enthusiastically overcome obstacles. We feel that given the proper training, motivation, and examples, our young men can accomplish any task set before them with exceptional grace.